Pevonia Micro-Pores Refine Cream 50ml

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This superbly light-textured, non-greasy cream, features an exceptionally fine and uniform microemulsion that delivers enhanced ingredient absorbency for outstanding results. It’s rich in the latest bio-active pseudoalteromonas ferment peptide extract, isolated from mud found on King George Island in Antarctica. This ingredient has been proven to decrease sebum production and accumulation by inhibiting melanocortin-5 receptors in sebaceous glands. It also contains red clover flower extract, an ingredient that has a long history of uses to treat psoriasis, eczema and other rashes. Additionally, it contains biochanin A, an intrinsic active known for improving keratinization, regulating sebum, and tightening pores. Recommended for dehydrated, oily, combination and mature skin types with dilated pores and/or skin imperfections. Also ideal for post-acneic skin and light scarring.