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A beyond pleasurable cleansing oil that turns a crucial step in skincare health into a truly luxurious experience! Ideal for soap and water lovers or for those who enjoy the feel of foaming cleansers but dislike how they leave their skin feeling dry or tight. Truly innovative, CleanRefresh™ Foaming Oil Cleanser features an advanced, lipid-rich, exclusive formula. First, a minimal amount of this exquisite oil cleanser is placed in the palm of the hand. Next, a little water is added and the oil is worked into a luscious foam. Finally, this wonderful foam is applied to the face and neck. It acts like a super-magnet entrapping pollutants, impurities, and bacteria, for an exceptionally delightful cleansing experience. The perfect blend of natural foaming surfactants with skin-friendly oils combine with the soothing and protective benefits derived from Arnica Montana and Green Tea, the restorative and firming benefits from Kombucha, and the deeply hydrating action of Hyaluronic Acid. This aromatic cleanser renders the skin free of debris and environmental pollutants for a soft, supple, and completely refreshed feeling. Recommended for dry skin, but also suitable for all skin types. Alcohol-free. Family-friendly.