Pevonia Facials

By using quality Pevonia Botanica products on our skin, the results are evident very soon and the long term effect to our appearance and general well-being can be quite outstanding. Facials, suitable for both ladies and gentlemen, are always customised to your own individual needs and are designed to give you an unforgettable and relaxing experience. When you come to us for your first facial, a free skin consultation will take place using the skin diagnosis lamp. Regular treatments are beneficial in every way. Our facials are available in discounted courses of 5 or 10 incurring savings of 5% and 10% respectively.


Reviver Facial
Ideal for those new to facials, gives skin an instant boost. Your skin is cleansed, lightly exfoliated and gently massaged. A mask is then applied, followed by light moisturiser.

£35.00 book now

Customised to your skin type, this popular facial includes a deep cleanse and exfoliate, a face, neck and shoulder massage to aid lymphatic draining and to keep skin youthful. A mask to suit your skin type, a special treatment ampoule and a moisturising/firming treatment will then be applied to complete this wonderfully relaxing treat for your skin.
£65.00 book now
Ultimate Deep Cleanse Facial
The ultimate deep cleansing facial – excellent for oily, congested and acne skins. If you do experience problems with acne, we will use a specific treatment, containing antibacterial properties which help skin breakouts. The active ingredients also help to refine the skin’s surface and acne scarring and prevent epidermal thickening. Ideal for an Oily/Congested skin type.
£75.00 book now
Plantomer – Calming & Soothing
Visibly enhance your skin’s texture and maximise hydration. This refreshing, soft lift-off mask combines the hydrating benefits of Seaweed the ocean’s finest resource with revitalising Propolis a natural healing and desensitising substance rich in natural antibiotics and Vitamin A. Soothing, nourishing and calming, it renders the skin undeniably radiant with highly visible results. Good for all skin types. Excellent for Sensitive, Eczema and Psoriasis prone skin types.
£75.00 book now
RS2 Rosacea – Calming & Soothing
This treatment is proven capable of delivering the exceptional results desired by those suffering from severe sensitivity, broken capillaries, Rosacea and Acne Rosacea. This alleviating thermal clay mask provides soothing relief and visible results to dilated capillaries, congestion, blotchiness, and irritability, Gives the skin an instant feeling of comfort and relief, totally calming and diffusing redness, congestion, blotchiness and the irritability associated with hypersensitive skin conditions. Perfect for alleviating stress, anxiety and menopausal problems. Ideal for Vascular skin conditions.
£75.00 book now
Elastofirm – Anti ageing
A firming facial rich in Elastin, the second most important protein to the skin after Collagen. Elastin forms the support network to the skin, rebuilding its strength and ability to spring-back, leaving the surface intensely firmed and tightened.  The complexion is hydrated, radiant and youthful. A perfect enhancement to an anti-ageing regime and the ultimate answer to supple skin.
£75.00 book now


Lumafirm – Lift & Glow
Seeking a treatment with amazing instant results? Redefining radiance and facial contouring, this exclusively formulated treatment features the latest in freeze dried technology to deliver instant results and cumulative skin care benefits. Ideal for any skin type showing signs of ageing or as the perfect instant repair boost when you want to look your absolute best. Performance driven, this facial features the best anti-ageing ingredients, rendering the skin ultra-luminous with a firmer, tighter and more youthful defined appearance. Please note that although this facial can be performed on a pregnant client, a patch test is recommended as the richness of the ingredients may be too much depending on the skin’s tolerance.
Spa Clinica Pro Peel & Recapture Treatment – Exfoliating
A dynamically anti-ageing facial treatment featuring a unique formula to reveal an evenly toned, porcelain-smooth complexion. This high performance treatment combines a deep cleansing, potent yet gentle peel, and Micro-Retinol treatment to recapture smoother, denser and younger-looking skin – instantly. Suitable for all skin types except Sensitive and Acne.
Stem Cells Phyto-Elite – Ultimate Anti Ageing
This ground-breaking freeze-dried treatment redefines the anti-ageing facial! Infused with the first ever blend of Argan and Comfrey Stem Cells and supercharged de-agers like Collagen, Retinol, Elastin and other key actives, it starts working from the first application. Visibly reducing lines and wrinkle depth, it delivers a smoother skin surface with improved firmness, and long-term protection of the skin’s naturally repairing stem cells. The ultimate answer to age-reversal!

Advanced Technology Facials

No Needle Mesotherapy – The Alternative To Botox
Mesotherapy the ‘no needle’ alternative to botox! An enjoyable facial, non invasive with effective and instant results from the first treatment, leaves skin lifted & toned, smooth & glowing.
£65.00 book now
Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion
To give a really deep exfoliation to the skin, can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars and minimise pores.
£45.00 book now
Non surgical face lift
A relaxing non-surgical face-lifting treatment where faradic and galvanic micro-currents are used to gently stimulate those areas that have lost, or seem to be losing, their youthful glow and resilience. Skin tone and texture are visibly improved however, optimal results are obtained after 10 – 12 sessions. May be used in conjunction with other facials and the Crystal Clear exfoliance treatment.
£45.00 – £50.00 book now
Non surgical mesolift
 A combination of non surgical face lift and mesotherapy reduces lines and wrinkles, lifts and firms and improves skin texture, you will usually see an immediate noticeable lift and reduction of lines with just one treatment however course of 10 is recommended to see lasting results.
A very effective face and body lifting treatment, providing excellent contour definition. Why not reserve a luxurious facial to follow leaving your equilibrium well and truly restored…
£55.00 book now
Amazing Grace
The laser light used in this treatment, is absorbed by water and collegen in the skin causing controlled thermal damage resulting in collegen regeneration. This incredible facial rejuvenation treatment stimulates your own collegen and elastin production, reduces fine lines, wrinkles and pore size and improves the texture of your skin. This is ideal for treating sun-damaged, pigmentation problems and acne skin. A course of 4 – 6 treatments are recommended for optimal results.
Unsuitable for pregnant ladies

Facials for eyes and lips

De-stress your eyes
This intensive eye contour treatment helps to prevent and smooth wrinkles and crepeness around the eyes, strengthens and firms the fragile eye area with collagen, while stimulating blood circulation with Ginkgo Biloba, alleviating dark circles and puffiness. This lovely treatment may be performed on its own or with any other choice from the Facial Journeys.
£45.00 book now
Lumafirm Eye Contour Lift & Glow
Formulated with an amazing lift action complex, this phenomenal treatment instantly repairs your delicate eye zone as it reduces puffiness and dark circles.
£45.00 book now
Lip smoothing treatment – ‘Youthful Lips’
An excellent treatment to redefine lip contour, smoothing wrinkles and furrows and improving the elasticity and the suppleness of the skin. A unique combination of active ingredients are used to re-hydrate and plump, resulting in more youthful lips with astonishing results.
£45.00 book now