New to The Retreat!

Shapemaster’s Easytone range of equipment combines the tried and tested benefits of Shapemaster powered exercise equipment with a chair based design for optimal space effectiveness and easy access. The equipment in this Easytone range is designed to provide a circuit that will exercise and stretch all the major muscle groups in the body and will help to re-train muscle patterns, whilst at the same time stimulating the muscles and improving circulation.


12 month

Upfront – £300

Monthly – £29

3 month

Upfront – £95

Monthly – £33


Pay as you go – £35 per month


Use of the easytone is by appointment which can be arranged through reception on 01538 385503

Easytone Testimonial

Dylis Gater (Author & Psychic)

Since joining the Easytone Group at The Retreat in Leek, I have seen an amazing result in my general health and specifically in helping with weight loss. (I am a diabetic and also have chest problems and fibromyalgia)

In 3 months, I have lost nearly half a stone, can breathe easier and feel a wonderful sense of relief in my joints and muscles.

In addition, seeing the results encourages me to keep on with my efforts to lose more weight. I have to add that I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to lose weight for literally years!

Thank you for helping me to turn the corner!