Body Treatments

Body Scrub

Recommended prior to any massage or body treatment for best results. Bring back your skins radiant glow as tropical scrub is applied to hydrate leaving your skin silky smooth and revitalised.


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Detox Seaweed Thalasso – Sea Breeze Wrap

This French, therapeutic seaweed wrap will firm, hydrate and re-mineralise dry, damaged skin. Following exfoliation and the gentle application of warm seaweed, you will be wrapped in thermal blankets to release stress and toxins from the entire body.


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Green Coffee Wrap

Utilising a newly discovered ingredient, green coffee, which as been proved 100% effective at fighting free-radical damage. Leaves visible reduction of the appearance of cellulite.


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Cocoon Health Wrap

A lotion, containing essential oils, is gently applied to the body providing a inch loss, with the added bonus of a detoxified system and extra vitality. This is a dry and comfortable wrap and a popular treatment providing consistently good results. Why not enjoy one of our relaxing Facials while your Health Wrap is working?

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The above treatments are not recommended if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure or are iodine sensitive.
Private Consultation – This takes place prior to any of the following body care treatments. This involves a test treatment to see how your body responds and also to help us assess exactly how much we can help you. We will then plan your personalised treatment programme, taking into account individual budgets and precise needs. A result will be seen after one treatment on any of this equipment, however a course of ten is recommended to maintain optimal and long-lasting results.

Transion – Faradic Lifting & Toning

Lie back and relax as a gentle current works to lift, tone, firm and gently improve problems such as cellulite and slack muscle tone. Muscle fibres are exercised and toned reducing the inches whilst eliminating trapped toxins.

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Linfogie – Total Body Detoxification

Instantly reduces swelling and puffiness, targets fluid retention, a poor immune system, the appearance of unsightly cellulite and thread veins by unblocking and improving the circulation of the lymphatic system. If your body is feeling sluggish this is the treatment for you. If you have a problem with thread veins why not arrange to see one of our laser specialists?

from £49.95

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None invasive and painless L.E.D. light therapy – a new and innovative therapy for body and mind.
A gentle skin stimulation promotes healing – extremely effective on scarring, stretch marks, excema, psorias and aging of the face and body.
It helps the body to naturally remove stubborn fat and cellulite.
Chromotherapy can also be used for emotional healing and depression/SAD etc. A very relaxing treatment.

from £57.00

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Isogie – Passive Isometric Exercise

The perfect treatment for face and body lifting, body definition and re-shaping – excellent results without using weights!

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